Conceptual links to Money & Plastic

Money & Plastic is a conceptual couple that appeared in 2020 within the open project La vie en rose generated by MAGNITO. It is exhibited for the first time in WAS JETZT, on the wall, painting after digital model (4., 5.) and in design product form, digital model print on cardboard, on the refrigerator ( MAGNITO (1.)).

La vie en rose, in its turn, is a project that is built around the concept with the same name that appeared within the exhibition MAGNITO commercial. Speculations on the store from 2010 at the National Store of Contemporary Art in Bucharest.

The first chapter of La vie en rose was published on September 11, 2014 in the exhibition with this name at Gallery 26 in Bucharest, and chapters II and III of this quasi-project-text-painting about painting was exhibited and presented starting with February 16, 2018 at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest.

MAGNITO commercial contains several concepts that self-referentially indicates plastic in close connection with the mercantile character of the serial product.

Following the same idea of profit, MAGNITO captures, on the one hand, the presence of plastic infiltrated in the idea of food and in food and, on the other hand, mimics material supports for financial value (gold, bank card) through several proto-concepts (we say proto-concepts with reference to the logic and chronology of the MAGNITO installation, from its appearance to Money & Plastic, but also to the still pronounced figurative-symbolic character of the representations, not just text and purely visual language).

Money & Plastic is, therefore, a post-commercial text-painting work (post-MAGNITO commercial), which appears as a corollary and a synthesis of the latest projects generated in the MAGNITO laboratory, also relying on older references stored in the installation work-in-progress.

The list of works by Cătălina Coșoiu inside the collective exhibition WAS JETZT? (National Library of Romania, Bucharest, 18.09. - 28.10. 2020, curators: Simona Tache Tărtăcuță and Pierre Van Hulle):

Installation. Readymade. Object. Painting. Work-in-progress. Since February 28, 2008.
Initially exhibited at the National Dance Center in Bucharest during the original event MAGNITO. Speculation on the edge of the refrigerator.

2. Conceptual links for MONEY & PLASTIC (the metal panel)

A series of commercial refrigerator magnets. Color print on forex * with magnetic foil on the back.
Since October 15, 2010.
Initially exhibited at the Magazinul Național de Artă Contemporană in Bucharest within the exhibition MAGNITO commercial. Speculation on the edge of the store. Installation. Ready made. Serial object. Work in progress.
The installation also contained:
- MAGNITO, the original installation with the original objects
- oversized ''MAGNITOs'' reproduced by hand: painting with magnetic foil on the back.
- selection of serial objects, magnets on forex
- DANCE SHOP (RO: MAGAZIN DE DANS), cardboard reproduction of the cover of the printed catalog for the MAGNITO commercial containing the models of refrigerator magnets.
Now, in the world, in various collections, there are 2000 MAGNTOs destined for sale (circulation) that each have a value of 30 lei, updated in 2020. There will no longer be produced magnitos on plastic support. These are coins, their value can decrease or increase. Also, their value may vary depending on the price of the plastic.

* forex = expanded PVC

4.-5. MAGNITO presents MONEY & PLASTIC
Digital painting, acrylic colors on canvas.
Diptych: 1m x 1 m x 2

Money & Plastic is a post-commercial text-painting work (post-MAGNITO commercial), which appears as a corollary and a synthesis of the last two projects generated and developed in the MAGNITO laboratory, also relying on older references stored in the original installation work-in-progress. (References: 1.- 3.)




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