Case Studies

  1. lavieenrose. magneticfield. mkv

    Beat Bar Umanist, Vasile Lascăr 29, 21th of April 2018, ora 21.

  2. La vie en rose. Magnetic field. Chapter II. Chapter III

    La vie en rose. Magnetic field.
    An extended MAGNITO concept
    by Cătălina Coșoiu

    Chapter II
    The reverse and two dimenions

    Chapter III
    Figurative. Marcel Duchamp en courant sur le champ

    The exhibition is hosted since February 16, 2018 by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy, Splaiul Independenței, nr. 204, sector 6, Bucharest

    Painting, photography, ready-made, literature, conceptual art, metastructures, pop and pop up design, curatorium, philosophy, acting, casting.
    With the participation of the photographers: Vlad Rădulescu, Dan Fiera, Man Ray

  3. La vie en rose. Magnetic field. Capitolul I

    MAGNITO presents

    La vie en rose. Magnetic field. Chapter I
    by Cătălina Coșoiu
    An extended MAGNITO concept (one of them)
    Launching into space of texts about painting
    Painting, literature, conceptual art, Pop and pop up design
    Alternative title: Noli me tangere II. Series
    English subtitles
    at the Magazinul Național de Artă Contemporană, Dr. Staicovici no. 26, București, on 11 septembrie 2014

    Technical support:

    Octavian Andrei Rusu

    Atelierul de serigrafie Jumătatea Plină

    Media Partner:


  4. Blue Periodic

    Blue Periodic
    by Cătălina Coșoiu,
    at Saint Ink
    22 November-3 December 2013,
    eclectic interior/installation

  5. The Unification Of Discontinous Space

  6. Private Collection 2000-2006

    Collection of art works and visual concepts for a private house in Bucharest.




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