Case Studies

  1. La vie en rose. Magnetic field. Capitolul I

    MAGNITO presents

    La vie en rose. Magnetic field. Chapter I
    by Cătălina Coșoiu
    An extended MAGNITO concept (one of them)
    Launching into space of texts about painting
    Painting, literature, conceptual art, Pop and pop up design
    Alternative title: Noli me tangere II. Series
    English subtitles
    at the Magazinul Național de Artă Contemporană, Dr. Staicovici no. 26, București, on 11 septembrie 2014

    Technical support:

    Octavian Andrei Rusu

    Atelierul de serigrafie Jumătatea Plină

    Media Partner:


  2. Blue Periodic

    Blue Periodic
    by Cătălina Coșoiu,
    at Saint Ink
    22 November-3 December 2013,
    eclectic interior/installation

  3. The Unification Of Discontinous Space

  4. Private Collection 2000-2006

    Collection of art works and visual concepts for a private house in Bucharest.